The Piriformis muscle. If this muscle is stiff, it could be a cause of back pain.

20 03 2012

This muscle originates from the front part of the sacrum and inserts (or travels to)  the upper part of the thigh bone. It turns the leg outwards or does lateral rotation of the femur.

A great stretch for this muscle is a Koeksister stretch. Take the ankle of one leg place it above the bent knee of the other leg and lie down onto your back. See the photo attached in the article of stretches for muscles surrounding the knee.

Strengthen this muscle by lying on your side and lifting the top leg up and behind you slightly. You can even do this lying down.

Lie on your side and lift and lower the leg 20-30 times 2-3 sets. Hold it at the top for 1 second at the top.




Green tea

19 03 2012

This anti-oxidant rich tea contains about 25 mg of caffeine versus that of regular coffee which is about 102-200 mg per cup.

Free health assessment available at Well4Life with me.

19 03 2012

Free health and fitness assessments are available at Well4Life based at High Constantia Centre (where Greens Constantia and Pastis are based).

The assessment is usually R360 but if you mention my blog or come to Well4Life in the next 3 months it will be free.

  1. 1.      Health & Fitness Physical Assessment (per event)                         R 360.00

The test consists of the following:

  1. Anthropometric measures i.e. height, weight, body fat %, BMI, waist hip ratio. 
  2. Muscle Balance test i.e. lumbar pelvic stability & proprioceptive awareness, postural classification & flexibility. 
  3. Cardiovascular i.e. YMCA protocol, 3 stage  GXT test measuring heart rate and blood pressure response.
  4. Physical Appraisal to be performed and captured by Biokineticist.

Well4Life is based in the High Constantia Centre

Corner of Constantia Main Road and Groot Constantia Road 7806


Cape Town

South Africa

+27 21 794 4777

083 2800 121

Stretches for muscles surrounding the knee

10 02 2012

It is important to keep the knee joint mobile and to keep the fluids inside of it moving around.


Do a quad stretch: Stand on one leg and pull the other behind you. Keep your knees together. Pull the other leg behind you until you feel a stretch in the front of your thigh.

Do a hamstring stretch: Lie down on your back and place a towel around one foot. Straighten the leg and stretch it towards your face. Keep the other leg on the floor and straight too. You should feel this stretch in the back of your leg.

Do a Koeksister stretch: Lie on your back and fold one leg over the other. If you have had any knee surgeries I would not recommend this stretch.

Another stretch. It stretches the piriformis.


Walking and staying mobile also helps your knees remain strong and supple as you age.


Strengthen your biceps today! It is good for your back.

8 02 2012

Strengthen you biceps today

This helps protect your back so that their isn’t so much strain placed on your back.

Great bicep exercises include:

A) Taking some cans and lifting them up and down and bending and straightening your elbows.

B) Pushups also strengthen your biceps.

C) Skipping also strengthens your arms. Although if you have back problems you should maybe not skip. But just doing the motion whilst holding something slightly heavy will work too.

Knee strengthening exercises you need to know.

23 01 2012

Want to strengthen your knees? Do this exercise.
The knee joint is a hinge joint. This means it goes up and down. Or knee extension and knee flexion.
The knee joint is complex. It is placed under sever stresses. Knee injuries are common.
A small muscle running on the inside of the knee- Vastus Medialis can help to stabilise the knee and knee cap.
Strengthen it by doing leg lifts whilst lying on the floor with the moving leg straight. Bend the supporting knee. Lift the moving knee up to the height of the other and lower it.
Do this 3 sets of 15-25. Build this up. And you can progress to doing this exercise standing up.

Fever blisters

13 01 2012

These awful buggers affect most people. Reduce the risk of them by applying fresh lemon juice from a lemon from a tree onto the site where your lip is feeling tingly.

Also try to stay away from:

  • Almonds
  • Peanuts
  • Oats
  • Other foods high in the amino acid Arginine

Try and eat foods high in Lysine, such as:

  • Cheddar cheese.


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